Off-Field Issue Brings More Heat to Irish's Kelly

Off-Field Issue Brings More Heat to Irish's Kelly

It is seldom good news when your quarterback is in the same story with the words "pepper spray'' and "handcuffs.''

Tommy Rees, after quarterbacking in the Notre Dame spring game not two weeks ago:

"You have to be a leader out there.''

When police raided a South Bend party early Thursday morning, the leader allegedly skipped over a fence and tried to evade capture, as he if he were scrambling away from a USC blitz. When an officer caught up, police say Rees kneed him.

About then, according to the allegations, linebacker Carlo Calabrese tried to intercede by telling officers who they had on the ground. No report on whether he mentioned that it is only four months until the Navy game.

And when that didn't work he was quoted as saying to an officer, "My people are going to get you.''

Somewhere, Knute Rockne can't be happy.

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