Horse Owner Reddam Hits It Big

Horse Owner Reddam Hits It Big

J. Paul Reddam, owner of Kentucky Derby winner I’ll Have Another, arrived in the Churchill Downs winner’s circle only after leaving his job as a philosophy professor at California State University, Los Angeles, to get into the lending business.

Talk about changing leads.

Reddam founded DiTech. Maybe you remember it.

The mortgage loan company was the first of its kind to blanket its advertising on television and billboards, and its tag line — “Lost another loan to DiTech!” — was even panned on “Saturday Night Live.”

In 1999 he sold that company to General Motors for an undisclosed sum, but let’s just call it a truckload.

Since then he’s been a significant player in thoroughbred racing, and figures to be even more now that his $35,000 colt has won the sport’s most famous race.

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