Era of Tiger Woods Is Officially Over

Era of Tiger Woods Is Officially Over

Genius is hard to argue against, with its capacity for wonder and surprise. If it were not, then the story of Tiger Woods would be well into its third and final act by now; the part where it all goes wrong for the man himself and the world around him is reconciled to the reality of greatness reduced to the ranks of mediocrity.

Woods and the rest of us got another dose of this reality over the weekend, when the world's mostly famously fallen athlete missed the cut at the Wells Fargo Championship, one of the most prestigious PGA Tour events of the year. Woods in his prime almost never missed a cut. He has now missed three over the past three years – hardly the definition of failure but when placed in the context of everything else he has (or rather has not) done during that period the rational observer would surely acknowledge at least a degree of significance.

Woods, of course, was having none of it. "I've missed my share of cuts in the past and they don't feel good," he began (Woods has missed eight cuts in almost 16 years. By comparison his most significant career rival, Phil Mickelson, has missed 63).

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