Gallinari's Flops Set Up Winning Plays for Lakers

Gallinari's Flops Set Up Winning Plays for Lakers

In the playoffs, you go get it.

So one game after he'd disappointed himself and his team by not bringing full effort from the start, Andrew Bynum felt comfortable mocking the only thing worse in the playoffs:

Backing down and looking for someone to give it to you.

Denver's Danilo Gallinari ran into Pau Gasol's screen, spun enough so he could get better lift-off with his left foot for flopping backward, kicked his legs up dramatically and then stayed down long enough for three Lakers to make what Gasol calls "winning plays": Kobe Bryant's pass to the all-alone Gasol, Gasol's pass against a shifting defense to all-alone Ramon Sessions and Sessions' tiebreaking 3-pointer.

On the Lakers' next possession, Gallinari tried it again, exaggerating the contact from Bryant's drive and skidding on his butt all the way down the lane. While down there, Gallinari got a worm's-eye view of the 3-point shot release of Steve Blake, whom Ty Lawson had left to help Gallinari against Bryant. This time, Gallinari got up – in time to see Blake's shot sail over his head and into the basket to clinch the Lakers' victory Sunday night.


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