St. Louis Should Commit to Fixing Dome

St. Louis Should Commit to Fixing Dome

There are plenty of headlines and stories that should spring out from Monday's public unveiling of the Rams' vision for renovating the outdated Edward Jones Dome. But this is the one that deserves top billing in giant boldfaced type.

We now have undisputed evidence that Stan Kroenke really wants to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

You won't find that wording in any of the 39-page plan that was submitted to the city by the Rams owner's negotiating team. But it's right there in plain sight, if you are fluent in the language of between-the-lines intimations. And if you didn't see it, you're probably just too busy being distracted by all the pretty illustrations, fretting over the preliminary price estimates or part of the shortsighted anti-stadium crowd that won't be happy until we're living in a pro sports-free ghost town.

So allow me to decipher this for you. Look very carefully at the plan. It is not an over-the-top, ostentatious, football-only counteroffer that attempts to thrust the Dome to the very top of the National Football League's most extravagant stadiums. It's not an outrageous plan that feels like the sort of crazy counteroffer whose sole intent is to blow up the entire process, thus allowing Kroenke to scoot off to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

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