Colts' Luck Savoring Last Days of College

Colts' Luck Savoring Last Days of College

As the 21st century poster child for staying in school, rather than cashing in and bolting for the pros, Andrew Luck is supposed to be eternally comfortable in what he calls "The Bubble."

Two Sunday nights ago, however, Luck returned to Stanford University's campus with all the enthusiasm of a kid being forced to repeat the sixth grade. Having just flown back from Indianapolis, where the Colts' presumptive franchise quarterback made a strong first impression at his initial NFL minicamp, Luck couldn't quite bring himself to show up on time for a study group for his studio-project class.

"Coming back from minicamp was tough," Luck said as he laughed. "You get a little taste of it and then come back, and I was lacking the motivation to do homework. We had something due Tuesday and we were supposed to meet up, and I was like, 'Uuuuuhhhhh.' I didn't blow it off – completely."

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