Comes Down to Brodeur vs. Quick

AP Photo

The NHL's lion in winter is back in the spring.

Martin Brodeur turned 40 this month. He should be in his anecdotage -- because there are few players who can tell a story about the good old days like the New Jersey Devils goalie. Instead he is back in the Stanley Cup Final, making his 200th career playoff start in Game 1 against the Los Angeles Kings, seemingly as comfortable in his own skin as he is in his crease.

Brodeur looked spent more than two years ago when he ceded Team Canada's net to Roberto Luongo at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He was written off -- guilty! -- as an anachronism, a goalie clinging to a dated style of puck-stopping who would never again be a significant factor, no matter how much he padded his historic win and shutout totals.

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