Clemens Verdict Yields No Winners

Clemens Verdict Yields No Winners

Nothing that happened in Washington, D.C., on Monday will change the view of Roger Clemens. The majority of baseball fans will continue to believe he lied to Congress when he said he didn't use steroids. The verdict in his trial was never about the truth.

Rather, it was about a case that never should have seen a federal courthouse once, let alone the two times it did. And yet justice department lawyers pushed on and on for weeks, but all they ended up proving was they couldn't take the obsession of a few spotlight-seeking politicians and turn it into a conviction.

The government spent years investigating Roger Clemens. It sent detectives all over the country, interviewed dozens of people and probably spent millions of dollars. Here's what it came up with: an old beer can and a couple needles along with some cotton balls with Clemens' DNA that were provided by a sleazy ex-cop whose credibility has been shredded.


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