Heat's Title Unites Community

AP Photo

South Florida gathered to celebrate the most powerful basketball team on the planet, but it was the power of sports that was on full display Monday in downtown Miami. They called it a parade. It was closer to a party, a fiesta, and what it felt like was the biggest family reunion ever held. We were celebrating ourselves as much as we were any golden trophy, and it felt good.

We don’t always agree on much down here, do we? From politics to socioeconomics to race or ethnicity, so much in our diversity can divide us. But this Heat team and the NBA championship it just won served to knit us together and make a sprawling region feel more like a community.

Hundreds of thousands of fans coalesced to celebrate the title won four nights earlier, and everywhere you looked Monday all you saw was a beautiful thing called common ground, a cheering, bobbing, joyous...

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