Pacers' Move Obvious: Pay Hibbert

Matt Kryger/Indianapolis Star

OK, some names:

Baron Davis, Andre Iguodala, Manu Ginobili, Marc Gasol.

What do they have in common?

All four made in the area of $14 million last season.

Now, Roy Hibbert is in a position to make an average of $14 million a year, assuming — and we’re not assuming anything at this point — the Indiana Pacers match the Portland Trail Blazers’ four-year, $58 million offer sheet.

Hibbert is clearly more effective than the over-the-hill journeyman Davis. He’s on par with the 76ers’ Iguodala. He’s not the player that San Antonio’s Ginobili is. And, like the Grizzlies’ Gasol, he made the NBA All-Star Game last year.

The point being, while the Pacers would have to dig deep to retain their center, can you argue that he doesn’t belong with the aforementioned group in that tax ...

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