Holmgren in Packers' Hall of Fame

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel file photo

There was a time when some Green Bay Packers fans were unhappy with Mike Holmgren for leaving here for Seattle, where he could run his own franchise as the coach and general manager.

That is largely forgotten, and likely all forgiven.

As Holmgren came back to Green Bay on Saturday, looking very tan but otherwise no different from when fans remember him hollering in his headset, he represented the new nostalgia for Packer Nation: The coaching savior who turned around a downtrodden franchise known as much for its troubles off the field as for losing on it.

"I mean, for 24 years after Lombardi left, there were four winning seasons here. And one of those seasons shouldn't even count; it was the strike year," said Ron Wolf, the general manager at the time. "So just think about that, 24 years, they had three winning seasons. He comes here and never has a...

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