Astros Suffer 11th Straight Defeat

AP Photo

Special occasion that it was, the Astros sure made tying the franchise record for consecutive losses feel special.

There was absolutely nothing normal about this 6-5 loss to the Pirates that went down as the team’s 11th in a row and felt like about the 11,000th. Maybe because there were so many ways to lose just captured within one.

They blew a 3-0 lead and a 4-1 lead. They left 10 men on base when they had a chance to add on and most frustrating, with their closer down – even a closer who had no success in his two tries at it – the Astros had nothing left for the ninth.

They’d used up their best lefty and their best righty in a bizarre sequence trying to protect the one-run lead in the eighth and left things to a much less proven set in the ninth.

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