Vick Looking Better Than Ever

AP Photo

As the Philadelphia Eagles learned in 2011, a "Dream Team" label can be a curse.

The Eagles loaded up in the 2011 free-agent market because they could. Coach Andy Reid believes in building through the draft and rewarding his best young players with contract extensions.

For more than a decade, the Eagles worked the salary cap better than their competitors and they looked at 2011 as a rare opportunity.

Last season offered the Eagles a chance to bid for top players in a market that was watered down for competition. They had the cap room and they took the chances. They outspent the league and ended up being a disappointing 8-8.

Now the Eagles are back to being the Eagles. DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy got their contract extensions. And from watching practice at Lehigh University, the Eagles have the look of a dream team that isn't going to ...

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