Human Triumph, Not Science Project

Human Triumph, Not Science Project

Science and humanity collided during the 400-meter run Saturday at the Olympics.

Humanity won.

Or so I say. Others differ. They believe that Oscar Pistorius and his two artificial legs are a sporting menace, a Pandora's box that will unleash synthetically-enhanced athletic doom. And, possibly, giant mutant grasshoppers invading our cities and towns.


All I know is, when Pistorius and his "Blade Runner" prostheses pushed off the starting line here in a morning heat race, it did not feel like a technology experiment.

It felt . . . strange and astonishing. It was one of the more awesome sights in Olympic history.

Pistorius was slow out of the blocks, as you'd expect from someone who has only carbon fiber below his knees, rather than muscles and bones.

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