Heisman, Big Ten Title Rest on Ball's Honesty

Heisman, Big Ten Title Rest on Ball's Honesty

Montee Ball has to know this is it. He's done, he's finished.

All of it is over -- the All-American legacy, the Heisman and Rose Bowl chases, his career -- if he's not telling the truth.

"If I found out there was an indication he was involved in it, he would be handled like everybody else," Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said this week.

The subject was whether the fantastic tailback and a respected teammate did anything to provoke an Aug. 1 attack by five assailants that left Ball with a concussion.

It's hard not to like Montee Ball, so we do. He's humble, soft-spoken, hard-working. The perfect Badger. But Bielema made his point firmly as camp opened this week. His All-American tailback would be risking a spot on the roster if he wasn't totally forthcoming about the events that led -- or didn't lead -- to the events of early Aug. 1. That night, Ball was beaten while walking home from a Madison establishment at 2:15 in the morning.

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