How Pedro Ciriaco Became a Yankee Killer

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Who is this Pedro Ciriaco? How is it possible that he’s doing this to the Yankees? How did he get to the Red Sox? And how did Robinson Cano help to turn him into the scourge of New York?

Such is the nature of the kind of out-of-nowhere revelation offered by a previously unheralded players such as Ciriaco who suddenly finds himself amidst a run with little precedent. On Saturday, the shortstop went 4-for-4 with a single to right, a single to left, a bunt single to third and a double to left.

In its own right, the day was impressive enough. Taken in broader context, it continued an astonishing run. Ciriaco is now 15-for-29 (.517) against the Yankees this year. He has the highest batting average ever...

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