Augusta's Decision on Own Terms

Zuma Press

The news that Augusta National has admitted two female members surprised me, and of course, that was the point. This had to happen on Augusta's terms, the Augusta way.

Augusta National did the right thing by admitting Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore. The club should be commended. But if you look at how and what just happened, it provides a window into a club that would prefer to be windowless.

Augusta's members are all wealthy, but the overriding theme of the place is not money. It is not sexism, either. For a long time, the overriding theme seemed to be racism, but even that wasn't really the point.

Augusta National is about power. And this was a power move, from start to finish. When activist Martha Burk campaigned for Augusta National to admit a woman in 2002, she had no shot. The powerful do not succumb to pressure.

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