Questions Follow Soriano to City

AP Photo

Ferran Soriano tells an interesting story about Barcelona's recruitment strategy before he was appointed to the board of president Joan Laporta in 2003:

The Spanish club had just signed two young Brazilian players, Geovanni and Fabio Rochemback, for a combined €30m, and Soriano asked one of the club directors why, after a terrible record of recent transfers, they had paid so much. He was told that Barcelona "was owed a good move on the transfer market" after a run of bad luck. Soriano was not impressed, and made the point that successful recruitment has nothing to do with luck.

The story appears in Soriano's book, The Ball Doesn't Go In by Fate: Management Ideas in the World of Football, an interesting read that was published after his 2008 departure from Barcelona, where he was named vice-president in 2005. By then, the club was just about to...

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