Roddick Bids Farewell to His 20s

Roddick Bids Farewell to His 20s

What does age matter in the great scheme? One day you're 29. The next you're 30. Maybe the brief step is difficult to accept psychologically, although for Andy Roddick that would seem improbable.

But it doesn't make much difference how you play the game, on the court or off.

On Tuesday, in the sun and breeze, with massive Arthur Ashe Stadium either half full or half empty - depending on one's viewpoint - Roddick played his final tennis match as a 20-something.

The next time he's on a court at the U.S. Open will be Thursday, the day he turns 30.

His farewell to the 20s was an efficient 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 victory over a 21-year-old from Tennessee, Rhyne Williams, who perhaps someday will be the greatest American player, which Roddick was. And, in a way, still is.

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