Big Changes Ahead for U.S. Open

Big Changes Ahead for U.S. Open

As the new Open tournament director, David Brewer has 18-hour workdays, his focus as much on the future as the present. He joined the United States Tennis Association in 1997, and by the conclusion of the 2011 tournament, with Tropical Storm Irene and a cracked court and another Monday men’s singles final and players that lamented their lack of voice, Brewer, it seemed, had seen it all.

However, in an interview before the tournament, Brewer described this year and next year as a period of unprecedented change, the most since the U.S.T.A. built Arthur Ashe Stadium in 1997.

Courts will be moved. Louis Armstrong Stadium will be torn down and rebuilt. Capacity will be added. Amenities will be improved. A day of rest will be added between the men’s semifinals and final. Officials even dared this week to say definitively that Ashe would one day have a roof. On the matter of which day, of course, they remained uncertain.

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