Roddick Surrenders to Father Time

Roddick Surrenders to Father Time

NEW YORK – He was the kid who grew into a man, the guy with the big serve who never gave in or rarely gave out. Andy Roddick beat them all through the years except Father Time. And so for American tennis, it is now game, set and matchless.

On his 30th birthday, Thursday, Roddick announced he would retire after this U.S. Open. After he plays one more match, Friday night against Bernard Tomic of Australia. Or if he wins, and who wouldn’t hope he wins, a match or three after that.

It was a surprise. Mary Jo Fernandez of ESPN, the one-time tennis star, began to cry when she heard.

It wasn’t a surprise. Roddick’s body had begun to fail him, one injury after another. If he couldn’t play and practice the way Andy Roddick believed he must, well, he wasn’t going to stumble through, a forlorn has-been.

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