Roddick Hasn't Said What Comes Next

Roddick Hasn't Said What Comes Next

When Andy Roddick announced his retirement, there was not a lot of questions as to what he was going to do afterwards. The only hint Andy gave was "My dog is going to be excited. I'm not going to be a deadbeat dad anymore."

Although I am sure Billie Jean, Andy's bulldog, will reap the benefits of Andy's retirement, I suspect this active tennis star will find something more to do with his life.

As Andy has devoted such a great deal of time and personal resources working with his charities, I suspect Andy will spend more time adding to his charitable load. Already, his mother, Blanche, is the director of his foundation, the Andy Roddick Foundation. He has won humanitarian awards. He started the San Antonio based Andy Roddick Youth tennis program, which includes several elementary private school, as well as college scholarships. He has had other celebrities such as Elton John and Cindy Crawford support his efforts.

Also, as Andy and his wife, model and actress Brooklyn Decker, have been married a few years, they may choose to start a family now. Turning 30 is a huge milestone for anyone's life and this may be the perfect time to transition from international tennis star to family man. I am not so sure that with retirement will mean that Andy will be out of the picture. With an outgoing and affable personality as his, I have a feeling we may even see him on television, as a guest commentator or analysis. His effervescent personality cries for this sort of occupation. But, we will soon see what Andy has in mind.

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