Tennis' Ferrer Famously Not Famous

Tennis' Ferrer Famously Not Famous

NEW YORK -- Have you ever heard of David Ferrer? I thought not, but don’t fret. This doesn't make you some hopeless ignoramus.

Even the tennis zealots for whom the name "David Ferrer" has become a mainstay know that David Ferrer is sort of like a healthy but unimposing tree in the yard that you notice only every few months. He might get to the fourth round of a Grand Slam without reports of anybody ever really seeing him. Oh, he lost. That means he must have been here.

The bustling majority of humanity that does not follow tennis would not know David Ferrer if he knocked on their door next Tuesday afternoon, which means they would have no idea he has almost $15 million in career earnings, which means they would not even know to ask him for a loan.

They certainly would not know that if the world had 7,037,403,425 people in it as of Wednesday morning, David Ferrer was better at tennis than 7,037,403,420 of them and worse than four. They would not know that David Ferrer not only holds down the No. 5 ranking but has just about built a house with a picket fence there, and has held either No. 5 or No. 6 for 71 of the past 73 rankings periods, through almost all of 2011 and 2012. They would not know that only three players have reached the quarterfinals of all four 2012 Grand Slams: Roger Federer, Andy Murray and David Ferrer (with a fourth due momentarily in Novak Djokovic).

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