OSU Brings Back Magic in Wisconsin Upset

OSU Brings Back Magic in Wisconsin Upset

CORVALLIS -- The applause from the banquet room of the third floor of the Valley Football Center ripped down the stairwells of the building on Saturday afternoon and rattled through the hallways. It sounded like someone threw a brick of firecrackers and ran away.

Coach Mike Riley had just upset No. 13 Wisconsin 10-7, been mobbed on the field by whooping Beavers fans, given five "Hip-Hip, Hooray!" cheers in his locker room, slapped too many backs to count, and finally, delivered an emotional message to his boosters in that third-floor room. They roared with approval, and smiled and soaked it up as they bounced down the stairs.

In only three hours, 17 minutes of elapsed time in Reser Stadium on Saturday Oregon State chased away last season as if it were a case of heartburn. The Beavers out-rushed the Badgers (78-35), out-passed them (276-172), and washed away that dull ache from last season by virtue of a wicked defensive effort that Riley described best as, "Our players just played like crazy."



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