Stanford-USC Takes Friendly Turn

Stanford-USC Takes Friendly Turn

David Shaw isn't Jim Harbaugh and Lane Kiffin isn't Pete Carroll, but Stanford vs. USC is pretty much as big as ever.

That's all a good thing heading into Saturday's tilt at Stanford Stadium -- for the two programs and definitely for Shaw and Kiffin, the young heirs to this rekindled and recently recalibrated rivalry.

"It's a little more friendly rivalry, a little more respectful, than it was for the last couple of head coaches," Kiffin said on the Pac-12 conference call this week.

Unlike Carroll and Harbaugh and their "What's your deal?" confrontation after Harbaugh gleefully ran it up on USC in 2009, Kiffin and Shaw almost certainly won't be screaming at each other in the moments after this game.

And also unlike the two previous titans, maybe Shaw and Kiffin won't take their jousting to the NFL after a few years.

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