Lawsuit Could Start Flood for USA Swimming

Lawsuit Could Start Flood for USA Swimming
style="margin-top: 14pt; margin-bottom: 14pt;">In a blockbuster lawsuit being filed Monday morning in California Superior Court in Orange County, legendary Hall of Fame swim coach Mark Schubert is accused of wrongful termination of his former employee, Dia Rianda, in July of this year. The claim states that Schubert fired Rianda because of her persistence with alerting Schubert of continued inappropriate behavior by William Jewell, Schubert’s friend and assistant at the Golden West Swim Club (GWSC).
Additionally, the complaint also alleges that Schubert used damaging information that he acquired about another coach - relating to improper contact with swimmers - as leverage to secure a lucrative settlement with USA Swimming; Schubert himself was dismissed by USA Swimming from his powerful role as National Coach in late 2010 following his behavior at the Pan Pacific Championships that year. Even further, the suit implies that USA Swimming yet again participated in a cover-up by quietly hushing up an inappropriate coach-student relationship by a rising star among the coaching ranks.
In a flash of comedic and brutal irony, this lawsuit comes just days after the Colorado Springs-based entity of mendacity – otherwise known as USA Swimming – came out with a much publicized interview with the Associated Press in which the organization said that they’ve made tremendous progress in rooting out the abusive behavior in the sport. “ They (USA Swimming membership) know the complaints and sanctioning process works efficiently and effectively. I see that as a positive”, stated Susan Woessner, the Athlete Protection Officer of USA Swimming.
One couldn't make this stuff up.
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