Aging Tiger No Longer Flag-Bearer for U.S.

Aging Tiger No Longer Flag-Bearer for U.S.

Typically deployed as Team USA’s talisman in Ryder Cup singles, he appeared a carcass of his former iconic self as captain Davis Love III sent him out as the 12th man of 12.

From a captain holding a four-point Sunday lead, and seeking to frontload the order of attack with his biggest guns, it was hardly an expression of confidence.

Rather than leading the line, then, Woods was instead reduced to the role of a cheerleader as he patrolled the first fairway, giving Bubba Watson back-slaps of encouragement.

His concluding match with Francesco Molinari — by which time, Love hoped, the outcome of this Ryder Cup would be long since settled — seemed a distant afterthought. Such was the fate that befell a player who had just lost three matches out of three.

Here at Medinah, we have witnessed Woods at his most maddeningly mercurial.

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