Games About to Fall off NHL Schedule

Games About to Fall off NHL Schedule

This is what failure looks like: Bill Daly on a sidewalk, Donald Fehr in a boardroom, both of them starting to show predictable signs of strain. A sigh here, an accusation there, a script that could be exchanged from one man to the other without anybody really knowing the difference.

“No progress was made,” Daly, the NHL’s deputy commissioner, told reporters after a two-hour meeting in New York that failed to end the NHL lockout, to nobody’s surprise. “Certainly we’re trying to be as creative as we can be, we want to think of ways to approach the issue, but unless and until we hear from them, and they make some movement or show some willingness to compromise, I’m not sure how we get this done.”

“One of the things I think that everybody needs to understand is that the definition of ‘no progress’ that comes out of the NHL offices seems to be ‘they didn’t give us what we want yet’,” Fehr, the NHLPA’s executive director, told reporters. “Progress is giving them what they want. It’s not finding a way to come to a mutually acceptable understanding.

“If there’s a problem … somebody needs to look in the mirror over there.”

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