N.J. Called Hypocritical on Betting

N.J. Called Hypocritical on Betting

If there’s nothing wrong with betting on college and pro sports, the four major leagues and the NCAA are asking in court papers why a new law in New Jersey does not allow wagering on the state’s own college teams.

The professional leagues and the National Collegiate and Athletic Association said in the papers filed Monday that those contrary positions undermine the arguments the state is making in seeking to dismiss a lawsuit that would invalidate the law.

The legal briefs filed in federal District Court in Trenton said that "notwithstanding (New Jersey’s) insistence that the state’s gambling scheme will have no adverse effect ... the state has exempted the sporting events of its own colleges and university teams as well as all collegiate sporting events held within New Jersey, from the the very gambling that the defendants now insist will cause no injury."

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