Reliving 'Catholics vs. Convicts' of 1988

Reliving 'Catholics vs. Convicts' of 1988

 “...But save Jimmy Johnson’s ass for me!” -- Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz to his players at halftime of the team's game against Miami (FL) in 1988.

The 1988 showdown between No. 4 Notre Dame and top-ranked Miami (FL) at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend remains an epic clash in the minds of many college football fans across the country.

It was Good vs. Evil, Midwestern choirboys vs. South Beach renegades, Catholics vs. Convicts.

The idea behind the “Catholics vs. Convicts” theme came from a Notre Dame student who coined the phrase for a t-shirt. The student began printing a plethora of these shirts with the slogan written on them, and they sold like hotcakes during the buildup for the Top 5 showdown.

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