MLB's Poor Playoff TV Setup

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Let's not hear any self-serving blather from Commissioner Bud Selig about Game 2 of the A's-Detroit series being televised exclusively on the MLB Network on Sunday. It's a joke. It's a ploy, designed to lure desperate customers into the MLB web.

It's not that the MLB Network is such a mystery. The 3-Dot Lounge carries DirecTV and Comcast, just to make sure we don't get affected by the madness of sports-television politics (the Pac-12 Network's dispute with DirecTV, for example). If you subscribe to either carrier, and don't get the MLB Network, you can open your wallet to secure the appropriate package and make things right by Sunday.

Still, this isn't fair play. Spending extra money for television should be about HBO or DirecTV's "NFL Sunday Ticket," not the baseball...

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