Colts Have Luck - and That's Better Than RG3

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I'm a Redskins fan, Drew, and after Robert Griffin III had his head-containment unit smashed by Sean Weatherspoon, I was rooting for him to stay down. While we're getting to a point where offensive stars no longer play through concussions, we're not at that point yet. See Colt McCoy last year. And just last week, USC's Robert Woods got up, wobbled to the turf like a punchdrunk boxer, and returned to the game one play later.

I'm worried about RG3's long-term health because, right now, he's attempting to prove that hybrid quarterbacking is sustainable. Though he's trying to act like he's invincible, that act doesn't work when, several minutes after being hit, you can't remember the quarter or the score.

In retrospect, I was probably hoping that RG3 would both recognize...

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