Up to NHL Players to Make a Move

Up to NHL Players to Make a Move

Around the NHL offices they have a term for it: The 'screw you' option.

It's the point where NHLPA executive director Don Fehr determines there's not going to be a better deal on the table than what the NHL has offered so far. It's when he drops any pretense of trying to get a deal done on their terms and instead takes aim at one the players would want in a world populated by unicorns and splashed with rainbows and takes the fight from a pragmatic one to a battle waged on principle.

It's the point where Fehr decides that if you're going to the mattresses in the labour conflict against the owners it might as well be worth something more than a few percentage points.

It's the point where Fehr suggests to the players that their next proposal should not include a hard salary cap.

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