Full NHL Schedule Now Impossible

Full NHL Schedule Now Impossible

The NHL, with its self-imposed deadline for an 82-game season on the verge of passing, has withdrawn its latest CBA proposal to the NHLPA, deputy commissioner Bill Daly told ESPN.com.

The move was not unexpected, but it comes with the possibility that some of the gap-closing measures the league took—specifically its so-called "make-whole" proposition—could be absent from its next proposal, whenever that comes. The NHL lockout was in its 40th day on Thursday.

Daly said he expected the move to be formalized on Friday, and that league would internally explore its next move.

"This proposal no longer works because it was a proposal to save 82 games," Daly said. "We have to rethink where we are, and what type of season we're looking at, and we have to formulate and construct a proposal that makes sense for the reality of where we are."

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