Bye, Bye Peyton, Hello, Hoosiers!

Bye, Bye Peyton, Hello, Hoosiers!

When Peyton Manning left Indianapolis, that was it, that was all. Not just for the Colts, but also for the fabric and definition of Indiana sports in general. You attach your identity to certain historical sports greats, legends and memories. All of Indiana’s — not just Manning — were fading or gone.


Indiana sports were basically in shambles, living on memories. That was way back in, well, March. And that’s why it’s so strange that roughly 230 days later, the state of Indiana already appears to be returning to its rightful sports normalcy.

Notre Dame’s comeback has already been the talk of the sports world. But on Friday, the Associated Press preseason basketball poll was released, setting up the narrative coming next. The No. 1 team in the country?


The Indiana Hoosiers.


It has been so long. And it’s just ironic that life would be coming back to Indiana sports just as Manning, the iconic ex-Colts quarterback, left town in what looked like the final nail.

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