At Best, Woods Renting His Swing

At Best, Woods Renting His Swing

In 1964, Ben Hogan played in a televised match against Sam Snead in which he hit every fairway and every green and didn’t face a birdie putt longer than 20 feet.

Betrayed by a recalcitrant putter, The Hawk only shot 69 that day at the Houston Country Club. Yet Snead, who lost by three strokes, later would call it the greatest round of golf he had ever seen.

And by any measure except score, he was right.

Hogan was so perfect, his shot-making so otherworldly, that every swing purist now owns a grainy copy of that "Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf" match.

It has evolved, basically, into golf porn.

I have no doubt Tiger Woods has watched it many times, because beyond the majors, the fame and the billion dollars, Woods always has yearned to own his golf swing — to be able to point and click and not have to sweat on where the ball finishes.

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