For Just a Moment, Detroit Was Sports Utopia

For Just a Moment, Detroit Was Sports Utopia

DETROIT — The cold and vibrant city center was — for twelve hours, at least, and not much of a minute more — blissfully distracted by sports. Between the Lions' Ford Field and the Tigers' Comerica Park, Brush Street was roadblocked on Sunday afternoon here by the swirling lights of cop cars and barricade bins. A band played Green Day and White Stripes covers. Hundreds of sorority girls passed out pink ribbons for breast-cancer awareness month. Shit-faced Lions fans stumble-kicked field goals in bouncy-games. The staff inside Comerica's locked gates stocked and cleaned in preparation for Game Four of the World Series. The thrill in the October air wafted with brat steam and garlic fries.

Inside Ford Field, Donnie Darko was alive. I watched as Frank, that enormous rabbit-costumed character from the movie, throttled the air with a rabbit-y arm each time Titus Young Sr. and the Lions leaned for another first down. It was Halloween — or close to it, at least — and Roary, the Lions' mascot, had been replaced or something. Young leaned for one more, this a game-winning touchdown with four seconds left, and the rabbit roared again.

Strangers high-fived and hugged other strangers in the street, within the blissful barricade. It was 4:30 in the afternoon.



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