Lincecum Can Act as Lesson for A-Rod

Lincecum Can Act as Lesson for A-Rod

Tim Lincecum made $18 million this season and is due $22 million next. He is a two-time Cy Young winner just two years removed from being the MVP of the first World Series win in San Francisco Giants history.

He is transcendent, more than just a baseball star. He is a Tim Burton character come to life, frail yet eerie, with the nickname to match: The Freak.

But now he also has a 2012 that was grotesque, his 5.18 ERA the worst in the National League in the last three years for a qualified starter.

In so many ways Lincecum is Alex Rodriguez: spectacularly rich, successful, famous beyond the contours of a baseball field and even the owner of a catchy nickname. He also lost his job in the postseason.

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