Knicks Veer From Hurricane to Heat

Knicks Veer From Hurricane to Heat

Confetti fell and Madison Square Garden roared last May as LeBron James retreated to the visiting locker room and the Knicks all gathered at center court to soak it all in.

It was a bit over the top to say the least but when you go 11 years without winning a playoff game you learn not to take such celebrations for granted.

The Knicks begin the 2012-13 season the way they ended last year; by facing the Miami Heat, who are the defending NBA champions and the odds-on favorite to repeat.

Whether it is appropriate to play the game in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is debatable. The NBA postponed the Knicks season opener on Thursday in Brooklyn against the Nets due to the damage the storm created. Subways and train service are running on a limited basis and there are restrictions placed on automobiles entering Manhattan.

The league, however, plans to stage Friday’s game even though thousands are still without power in the metropolitan area and in some cases without running water.

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