Weekend for BCS Chaos - or Calm

Weekend for BCS Chaos - or Calm

By midnight Saturday, the BCS could have a nervous breakdown or nod off from boredom. We'll remember Nov. 3 as the night when either this season quit following directions or it followed the chalk.

Two games. Four teams. One season still deciding who it belongs to.

Anyway, how's this for a way to spend a Saturday evening: No. 1 Alabama at No. 5 LSU … No. 4 Oregon at No. 17 USC. Death Valley … the Coliseum.

As always, I vote for the prison break, for BCS chaos. But it will take some doing. It will take two underdogs (LSU is an 8-point pooch; USC is getting 8½) playing like the preseason No. 1s they once were. Let's face it; it will take a couple of medium-sized football miracles.

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