Cancel the Giants-Steelers Game, Too

Cancel the Giants-Steelers Game, Too

Let me tell those of you who don't live in New Jersey or New York what life is like now for millions of us. This isn't an attempt to generate sympathy. This is an attempt to illustrate just how wrecked the area remains days after Hurricane Sandy -- wrecked while a football game proceeds as planned.


Large swaths of my New Jersey town remain without power. It's that way across portions of the state. Many gas stations are shut down. The ones that are open have two- to three-hour waits. On my street, houses are sharing generators. Public transportation, partially, is in shambles. Numerous subway lines are still not running.


And we're the lucky ones.


In my old town, Hoboken, some streets are still inundated as millions of gallons of water are pumped out. I saw on the news a correspondent standing in front of my old building. The area was unrecognizable. It looked like a scene from The Walking Dead.

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