Perez Was More Than Guy Who Got Lost

Perez Was More Than Guy Who Got Lost

It took me too long in life to comprehend that life is absurd and that nobody really knows much of anything and that if anybody tries to tell you they know much of anything, they're often similar to a rich clown praying from a TV studio in Virginia Beach while asking viewers to send in more money.

That thought rose again upon the dreadfully sad death of Pascual Perez, the former Major League pitcher for the Pirates, Braves, Expos and Yankees. Perez lived a vivid 55-year life and pitched vividly through the vivid 1980s, yet when I thought of him, only one incident came to mind.


That seemed quirky, but then I clicked on a brief news flash concerning his death in an apparent robbery in the Dominican Republic, and only one incident came up: the same one.

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