Reid Would Lose Eagles By Benching Vick

Reid Would Lose Eagles By Benching Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and coach Andy Reid had a particularly long one-on-one meeting this week to help clear the air about a number of issues, two team sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The sources indicated that the meeting, which occurred a few days after Vick publicly suggested he might be benched, was extremely productive. Ultimately, Reid came to the conclusion that he might have lost his players psychologically had he benched Vick.

"Mike ain't the problem," a defensive player emphasized on Thursday night. "Look, we all know he's struggling. That ain't some secret. But we're not helping him and that's the problem. The defense isn't helping him, the offensive line isn't helping him. None of us. We all gotta help each other and that's what we talked about."

The player went on to say that if Reid had benched Vick, it would have reflected badly on the coach just two weeks after he dismissed defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

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