Irish Escape With Perfect Record Intact

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Everett Golson dove underneath the pile, and the pile swallowed him whole. Even as noise then rolled through the place like an unending thunderclap, even as spine-starching evening air crackled with a cocktail of disbelief and glee, even as the pile lurched back and forth, the Notre Dame quarterback stayed disappeared.

Somewhere in the thicket of bodies, Golson encountered center Braxston Cave. Moments earlier, the line pushed and the quarterback crossed the end zone plane and crossed over into delirium, and now Golson had another request.

We did it, the quarterback told Cave. Now get me out of here.

When Golson emerged at last, back-lit by the stadium's glow, he leaped and screamed and punched the air after a 29-26, three-overtime victory...

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