Wayne Glad He Stayed to Help Luck

Wayne Glad He Stayed to Help Luck

INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Luck may not be the next Peyton Manning, but like it or not, that's the standard that comes with the job for the Indianapolis Colts' rookie quarterback.Reggie Wayne -- now Luck's favorite receiver after years of connecting with Manning -- thinks that is so wrong.

"It's kind of unfair for Andrew," Wayne told USA TODAY Sports, as the surprising Colts (4-3) prepare for a pivotal game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. "Peyton's done so much here. His legacy is so big. Andrew comes here, and everything he does is going to be compared to Peyton. That's not fair.

"That's another reason why I'm glad I stayed, to help him create his own legacy. He's going to have to win some games, win some rings, before he can completely get out of Peyton's shadow. But I think he's on the right path. He's already done some things that Peyton didn't do his rookie year."

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