Rockets' Harden a Star - and a Haircut

Rockets' Harden a Star - and a Haircut

When an NBA player is good, fans will celebrate him; when an NBA player has a unique look, fans will often find similarly unique forms of celebration. During his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder, famously bearded-and-mohawked guard James Harden found himself the subject of several such salutes, with his signature look inspiring game attire, desserts, building design and even permanent skin art.

Now, as you're probably aware, Harden is a member of the Houston Rockets. (Well, "member" understates the already mammoth contributions to one of the best — maybe even the best? — backcourts in the game and one of the NBA's biggest early-season surprises, but you get what I mean.) And after a dazzling beginning to his Houston career, one Rockets fan was incredibly eager to continue the grand tradition of Harden-themed insanity.

Before the Rockets' Saturday night matchup with the Portland Trail Blazers — the team's home debut after opening 2-0 away from the Toyota Center — James Harden became a haircut. 

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