Tough Luck a Good Thing for Colts

Tough Luck a Good Thing for Colts

"Fearless," Wayne said, shaking his head as he left the locker room on Sunday night.

He was talking about one of the vital components that makes Andrew Luck so special. Quarterbacks need to have so much of what Luck has and indeed demonstrated on Sunday. A cannon arm. Athleticism. Leadership. Football IQ.

Yet it can be easy to overlook the courage that has prevented many talented quarterbacks from ever reaching their potential. It takes some true grit to hang in there for another split second when you can feel a blow coming from somebody like James Harrison.

For all of the highlight moments — Luck threw a laser of a 9-yard TD pass to Wayne on a skinny post, then later back-foot heaved a 36-yard scoring strike that was finished with T.Y. Hilton leaping between two defenders — some of his best plays were pure blood and guts.

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