'Human Bird' All About Pushing Boundaries

Tu Truong/SB Nation

When you say the name Jeb Corliss, one word immediately comes to mind, extreme. From hardcore, seemingly impossible base jumps to the most amazing wingsuit flying, he's pretty much the gnarliest guy around, and has no plans to stop pushing the limits of his body. He's logged over 1,000 base jumps and over 1,000 wingsuit flights in a career that has spanned more than a decade.

To call him a daredevil doesn't really do him justice. He's more like a live action comic book hero. When the Chinese, Russian and Malaysian governments hire you to jump off their buildings for the entertainment of the public, there's really no other way to think of it. Things like that only happen in comic books, and typically to guys named Bruce Wayne.

Dubbed the human bird, Jeb has been...

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