Amid Recovery, Sports Still Feels Small

Amid Recovery, Sports Still Feels Small

Tuesday delivers a Presidential election, a vital day that feels like it snuck up on New York and New Jersey, both knocked down, but clawing back. An entire region is pulling its way to normalcy; in some neighborhoods, normalcy feels a long way away. Power outages, schools in disarray, people desperate for food, shelter, warmth—still happening. Transit is coming back but delays are inevitable. Gas lines continue to stretch for hours.


It's not pretty. Recovery is ongoing. Sports feels small.

The past weekend was a little surreal for fans of local pro teams; it was hard to gauge what level of enthusiasm was proper. It goes without saying that games were a wildly frivolous concern in the big picture. But they're always frivolous in the big picture. And the games went on: Heat at Knicks on Friday, Raptors at Nets on Saturday, Steelers at Giants on Sunday.

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