Chiefs' Repairs Will Accomplish Nothing

Chiefs' Repairs Will Accomplish Nothing

There is no fix. Not at this point. Not when we are halfway through a season and the Chiefs have one win, zero plays called with the lead, and are the undisputed Greatest Disappointment In The NFL.

There is nothing Romeo Crennel can do in a weekday press conference to fix a team that was either wildly overrated with help from Todd Haley’s coaching or has by now cried Uncle on a dead-end season of historical failure.

Crennel cut Stanford Routt and effectively fired himself as defensive coordinator. That may or may not improve the 2012 Chiefs. If the 2012 Chiefs were a wrecked car, the insurance adjuster wouldn’t even bother calling a repair shop for an estimate.

So, most likely, the Chiefs just installed new speakers in a totaled car.

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